Fairy Cat Eco-Friendly Recycled Wrapping Paper

With her fairy wings and magical wand this furry cat epitomizes the Christmas Fairy, sweet angel, mythical princess and feline queen! This is the only wrap you need for those crazy cat ladies you know!

Liz paints her painterly illustrations in her little studio set in the heart of Lewes, East Sussex. She uses watercolours and inks to create vibrant and unique designs, inspired by her love for the natural world.

Matching recycled paper gift tags, greeting card, christmas card and patterned notecards are also available.


Printed onto 100% recycled paper, using alcohol-free vegetable oil based ink.

This paper has met a strict set of environmental and socially responsible standards, and is printed at a certified Eco-Friendly Printing Company based in the UK.

  • £2.37