Making time to Journal

Yellow Ochre Eco-Friendly Notebook painterly background colour with thin white stripes

Spring is definitely trying to spring and Winter is definitely behind us, but it has seemed especially long. Ordinarily, in an effort to maintain a mental vibrancy, I would've by now had a few months throwing myself into the icy waters of the Costa del Sussex to ease my stress and anxiety but alas, my daily cold water submersions have been sidelined of late whilst I juggle childcare, run the business and general life!

Luckily I've found myself returning to the practice of journalling, on dry land from the comfort of home. I take the plunge into my notebook and let anything and everything flow; immerse myself in words and doodles a plenty, and then into meditation. It's really helped me get off to sleep (even to be woken several times in the night by my toddler!) but I wake up feeling clearer, calmer and ready to tackle the day. It's funny how the simplest of self care rituals can feel out of reach when we get caught up fighting fires or when our lives change shape but then how easy it is to integrate a routine when you consciously make time for it. The Sea will always be there but it's so nice to know I can go for an easy dip and need nothing more than a blank page.

Thankfully given my reaquaintence with the written word I now have some ecological 100% recycled high quality paper notebooks to hold the line.
The new range of notebooks are popping with a spectrum of gorgeous colours and popular pattern designs. A great choice for those wanting a beautiful aesthetic whilst being conscious of the environment too.
The eco-friendly notebooks come in two sizes which is great for large scale notes, doodles and drawing or more modest lists that will slot comfortably into a small bag.
The paper I have sourced for the notebooks is recyclable, biodegradable and FSC certified. The CO2 emissions generated manufacturing the paper are fully offset. You can see the full range of my ecological notebooks here.

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